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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nerf Gun Lab


Today was our Nerf Gun lab. The goal is to figure out the muzzle velocity of a Nerf gun. You will be using only the Nerf gun and meter sticks.

Here is the pre-lab which was due today: Nerf Gun Pre-Lab

Here is the data table due this Thursday: Nerf Gun Table

The lab report should have:

An Introduction: This should include your predictions as per which Nerf gun is more powerful and why. How will you figure out muzzle velocity? Which equation will you use? What will your procedure be?

An Analysis: Use your data to figure out the muzzle velocity. Included in this is your data table and any figures or formulas you used to figure out what you needed to figure out.

A Conclusion: Did this lab work? If it did, great! If it didn't, what could be done to better the procedure for next time?

The lab report should be no less than 2 full typed pages and no more than 4 full typed pages. The font size should be no more than 12 point and the spacing should be no more than double. Anything less will be graded accordingly. This does not include the pre-lab questions or the data table, which is to be included in the report.

Include your data sheet and your pre-lab questions in the lab report.

Any questions? Email me!

If you hand it in Thursday or Friday, you will recieve an additional 5 points.

This is due: MONDAY!!!

And now some pictures for inspiration!!!

Enjoy and get me that lab report!!!

In case you need the video from class the other day:

If these videos are helpful, I'll upload more in addition to what we do in class in order to help explain things.

Here's a sample of the Khan Academy, a great resource to use if you are stuck.

UPDATE: As per special request, I am posting some links here to practice problems and other things to help you:

Kinematics Presentation (PDF)
Kinematics Chapter (PDF)
Kinematics Chapter Problems (Word)
Kinematics Multiple Choice (Word)
Solving Equations (PDF)
Solving Equations Problems (Word)
Motion Mountain (PDF)
(Pages 72-78 deal with our lab topic.)

More resources to come...


  1. Student brings Nerf gun for game; leads to response from deputies. look at here now

  2. This event requires that each student bring 1-2 Nerf guns with them. you could look here